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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wife Jokes !

Once upon a time a married couple celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary. They had become famous in the city for not having a single conflict in their 25 years of marriage.  Local newspaper editors had gathered at the occasion to find out the secret of their well known 'blissful marriage'.

 Editor: 'Sir. It's amazingly unbelievable. How did you make this possible?'
 Husband recalling his old honeymoon days said: 'We had been to Shimla for our honeymoon. Having decided to go horse riding, we both started the ride on different horses. My horse was pretty okay but the horse on which my wife was riding seemed to be a little wild.

On the way ahead, that horse jumped suddenly, making my wife topple over. Recovering her position from the ground, she patted the horse's back and said 'This is your first time'.  Again she climbed on the horse and continued with the ride. After a while, it happened again. This time again she calmly said, 'This is your second time' and continued. When the horse dropped her the third time, she silently took out the revolver from the purse and shot the horse dead!!

I shouted at my wife: 'What did you do you psycho. You killed the poor animal. Are you crazy?
She gave a silent look and said softly : 'This is your first time.'. . . . and we lived happily together since then.

At a dinner party, the speaker who was the guest of honor, was about to deliver his speech when his wife sitting at the other end of the table, sent him a piece of paper with the word "KISS" scribbled on it.

A guest seated next to the speaker said, " WoaW, your wife has sent you a "KISS" before you begin your speech ; She must love you very much !"

The speaker replied,  ......" You don't know my wife yet ; ....The letters stand for : " KEEP IT SHORT, STUPID ! "

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