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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Wired Stories

A few wired stuff that goes around in to our mail boxes.

Got the following pic with caption "World's first Camera in the Making" - But Who and how the fuck was this picture taken????

Trust me the world is loosing it and the modern society is truly fucked up.... 

Hence a message to God

 And the real Harry Potter who is a crack addict. Now, I don't see much difference from the movie

Not only Harry, in the modern society, even Micky mouse is on dope. 

Grandmothers screw around online and guess who get's caught?

People are forgetting the past and vibrating phone is mistaken for earthquakes :(

We have stolen land from Animals and dictating terms while screwing up the Eco-system we live in.

Whilst the world bank is funding rich countries to get out of debt instead of caring for the rest of the world...

Indeed a fucked up world !!

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