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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sex on the Rail Track !

A man is busy screwing his girlfriend on the railway tracks. 

The alert train driver spots the couple miles before and immediately starts honking and starts applying the brakes. 

But the couple just ignore it and are happily in the act. 

The driver is damn irritated and just stops a few yards away from the loving couple.  He jumps down from the engine and rushes towards the man who has just finished and is zipping up his pants.

The driver is so angry, he starts shouting at the irresponsible young man, "You idiot, do you realize that if I had not seen you at the right time, this would have been your last..."

Hold on...," replies the young man, "Listen, you were coming, she was coming and I was coming. But only you had brakes. So chill out"

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