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Monday, April 22, 2013

I dream of the United States of America - a Joke !

The conversation happens between two Mexicans, high on drugs !!
Mexican 1 - Hey, last night I dreamed that I was in US of America.

Mexican 2 - Seriously Mann ? I had a major dream too mann...

Mexican 1 - What was that about? Surely you didn't dream of USA.

Mexican 2 - No, No, No, Mann !! I was waiting for a bus and this gorgeous, sexy girl in a micro miniskirt came and stood by me and started dirty talking. She wanted me to come to a hotel room with her.

Mexican 1 - Well, did you go?

Mexican 2 - Well, as I was to go to her hotel room, an even more gorgeous blond girl in a see through dress came to me and wanted me to come to her hotel room. I could not decide on whom to chose.

Mexican 1 - You are a bad friend man !! You should have called me at home and got me to come. We could have shared the two girls. I will befriend you from today...

Mexican 2 - Hey Hey Hey !! Wait up man !!! I did call your home...

Mexican 1 - Don't lie Mann.. I did not get a call....

Mexican 2 - I did Mann.... Ask your mom.. She is the one who said that you were in the US of America !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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