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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Little Johnny and Teacher !

Johnny was always lucky to get the sexiest looking teachers who dressed up in a revealing manner. Sadly though, they were also pretty strict on the poor little bastards. 

One day, the teacher was looking so sexy and bubbly, all students in the class were turned on...

One guy, Peter was caught smiling...

Teacher - Why are you smiling Peter?

Peter - I saw a strap of your bra

Teacher - GET OUT..... No classes for you for a week...

A while later, the teacher hears Jason go "WOW"...

Teacher - What's up Jason ?

Jason - I saw both your bra Starps..

Teacher - GET OUT... No classes for you for a month..

She was furious with the kids she turned swiftly towards the board and in the process dropped the marker pen. She bends to pick it up and little Johnny get's up from his seat with the biggest grin and starts walking away from the class. 

Teacher - Johnny, where do you think you are going ?

Johnny - With what I saw, my school days are over...  

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