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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sardarni, Sardaji - what the heck, they are all Indian !!

A sardarni in New York went to a worldwide message centre to send a message to her mother in India.

When the guy there told her it would cost $100, she exclaimed, "I don't have that kind of money! But I would do anything to get a message to my mother in Punjab-India!"

The man arched an eyebrow and asked: "Anything?"

"Yes, anything!" promises the sardarni.

With that, the man said, "Follow me" & walked into the next room and ordered, "Come in and close the door."

She did. He then said, "Get down on your knees." She did just that.....

Then he said, "Unzip me." She did.

He said, "Go ahead........ take it out." She took it out and grabbed hold of it with both hands. The man closed his eyes and whispered, "Well....... go ahead damn it!"

The Sardarni slowly brought her lips closer, and screamed loudly, "Hello.......... Mummyjee!" 


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