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Monday, August 9, 2010

Jamaican BMW & Wedding Cake

This guys doesn't look life a person who's suffering, anyways,

A health forum speaker asks :
"Which food causes extreme suffering for years after eating it ?"

After a long silence, an old man answered:
"Wedding Cake” !!!!!!!

And you know that he is a millionaire - what a shame !

A Jamaican driving his BMW pulls over to the hard shoulder to urinate.

A truck crashes into his door sending it flying off its hinges....

When the police arrive the jamaican tells them "Star di man just rip da door off mi new bimmer" 

The policeman replys "U Jamaicans are so materialistic. U are so worried about your car door you didn't even relise that your hand has been detached" 

The Jamaican looks at his amputated hand and screams "Bloodclart! Mi Rolex...!!

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