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Thursday, August 25, 2011

London Olympics 2012 - The Funny Side

We got a rare opportunity to capture the British practicing for the London lympics in 2012 over the past few weeks. While the London olympic Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville (for Paralympics) looked ridiculous, the events included the Shotput, athletics, swimming and many more events.

Let's see the enthusiastic Londoners or basically Britishers practice for their Olympics. i am not sure how many of them will get selected to the 2012 English Olympic team though......

See them in action at the Olympic Games by clicking here !!!

Judo Indeed will be a good Gold medal hope for the English

though i have my doubts about the Weight lifting Category - I would say Not enough weight !! 

Nevermind the Shot, the Put looks as small as an English dick !! 

I wouldn't mind catching a diving British Whore !!

The British indeed know how to create Hurdles than Jump over them.

I would seriosuly like to see this guy at the Olympics of London 2012

Post during Olympics - 31st July 2012

See them in action at the Olympic Games by clicking here !!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Funny How Things Change as I grow Up !

When I was a KID:

Sex meant GENDER,

Pussy meant CAT,

Cock meant ROOSTER,

Chick meant YOUNG BIRD,

 Bitch was a FEMALE DOG,

Dick was a NAME,

 BJ was a NICK-NAME,

Bang was a SOUND,

 Rubber was just like PLASTIC,

Ass was an ANIMAL,

Screw was just a NUT,

69 was just a number

Tit was a SNACK,

but things are complicated these days!!!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doctor Patient Joke Cockeyed !

A young woman visited her eye doctor complaining of failing eyesight. The doctor sat her in front of a standard eye chart.

Doctor: "Can you read the bottom line?"

Girl: "No."

"Can you read the center line?"


"Can you read the large top line?"

"No. "

"Can you even see the chart?"


The doctor is clearly frustrated and whips his penis out of his pants. "Can you see this?"

"Of course!"

"Well, there's your problem - you're cock-eyed!"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny King Arthur Story !

This is quite interesting and very funny ...... And so true!!! Take time off to read till the end ....

(To women) Please take time to ponder.....

(To men) Just enjoy the story......

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by the monarch of a neighboring kingdom.. The monarch could have killed him but was moved by Arthur's youth and ideals. So, the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as he could answer a very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer and, if after a year, he still had no answer, he would be put to death.

The question was: What do women really want?

Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man. And to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, he accepted the monarch's proposition to have an answer by year's end. He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: the princess, the priests, the wise men, and even the court jester. He spoke with everyone, but no one could give him a satisfactory answer. Many people advised him to consult the old witch, for only she would have the answer. But the price would be high as the witch was famous throughout the kingdom for the exorbitant prices she charged.

The last day of the year arrived and Arthur had no choice but to talk to the witch. She agreed to answer the question, but first he would have to agree to her price. The old witch wanted to marry Sir Lancelot, the most noble o f the Knights of the Round Table, and Arthur's closest friend! Young Arthur was horrified. She was hunch-backed and hideous, had only one tooth, smelled like sewage, made obscene noises, etc. He had never encountered such a repugnant creature in all his life.. He refused to force his friend to marry her and endure such a terrible burden.

But Lancelot, having learnt of the proposal, spoke with Arthur. He said nothing was too big of a sacrifice compared to Arthur's life. And the reservation of the Round Table. Hence, a wedding was proclaimed and the witch answered.

Arthur's question thus: 'What a woman really wants?'

She said, 'A woman wants to be in charge of her own life.'

Everyone in the kingdom instantly knew that the witch had uttered a great truth, and that Arthur's life would be spared. And so it was.

The neighbouring monarch granted Arthur his freedom. And Lancelot and the witch had a wonderful wedding.

The honeymoon hour app roached and, Lancelot, steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom. But, what a sight awaited him. The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was sitting by the bed.

The astounded Lancelot asked what had happened. The beauty replied that since he had been so kind to her when she appeared as a witch, she would henceforth become her horrible and deformed self only half the time, and be the beautiful maiden the other half.

'Which would you prefer?' She asked him. 'Beautiful during the day.... or at night?'

Lancelot pondered the predicament.

During the day he could have a beautiful woman to show off to his friends, but at night, in the privacy of his castle, an old witch!


would he prefer having a hideous witch during the day?

But by night a beautiful woman for him to enjoy wondrous moments with?

(If you are a man reading this...) What would YOUR choice be?

(If you are a woman reading this...) What would YOUR MAN'S choice be?

And Lancelot's choice is given below...

BUT... please make YOUR choice first before you scroll down below... OKAY?

Knowing the answer the witch gave to Arthur for his question, Sir Lancelot said that he would allow HER to make the choice herself.

Upon hearing this, she announced that she would be beautiful all the time.. Because, he had respected her enough to let her be in charge of her own life.

Now... what is the moral to this story? (This is the funny Part)

The moral is...

1) There is 'witch' in every woman, no matter how beautiful she is !

2) If you don't let a woman have her own way, things are going to get ugly !

So, be careful how you treat a woman and always remember IT IS EITHER ' HER WAY ' OR IT IS ' NO WAY '

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Funny English Cricketers !!

Just love English cricket!

The thinnest guy on the team is called Broad,

The ugliest - Swann,

The guy that fields behind is called Prior,

The guy whose father is John is called Peterson,

The guy whose father is Luke is called Anderson,

The slowest fielder is Trott; and then they got one right--

The dumbest guy is called Bell.

Most importantly, Half the Guys are Either South African or Irish
God Save the Queen !!!
That's English!!

Think About It.

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