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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The tigers Wedding

A tiger was getting married and all animals attended the wedding. Every animal stood
 at a distance and wished the tiger.

A cat came and climbed to the stage and danced, then extended his hand to wish the tiger.
The tiger roared in rage and said "how dare you come on the stage? Even the panther is maintaining its distance and yet you climbed the stage."

The cat replied and after listening to what the cat said, the tiger fainted. What do you think the cat said to the tiger?
Any guess?


The cat said, "I was also a tiger before I got married".

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

My Darling Wife

A bus full of housewives  going on a picnic, fell into a river, all died .
Each husband cried for a week.
one husband continued for more than two weeks !!!
When asked that did he miss his wife so much ?
he replied miserably : No
My wife missed the bus !!!


In heaven God told all husbands & wives to gather for a meeting !
He told the men to stand in two queues...
Those who are controlled by their wives & those who control their wives!

Only 1 man stood in the second Queue...

God said "So you control ur wife?"

Man: "R u CRAZY ???
My wife told me to stand here"...


A Junior in office dialed his boss's extension by mistake & said: "Hey, send a coffee in my cabin in 2 min"
Boss Shouted: Do u know whom u r talking 2? 
Jr : No!
Boss: I'm the BOSS 
Jr (in same tone): do u know whom u r talking to?
Boss: No!
Jr : THANK GOD (& disconnected) 



A Chinese man married an African woman and had a child. Two months later the child passed away.
At the funeral house, the African woman kept sobbing and saying: "I KNEW IT !!! I KNEW IT !!!"
A family member pulled her aside and asked: "What did you know?" 

She replied: "That, Chinese products don't last long!!"

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