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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Rapta Ra Rugpy songs Hello Mr. Murphy and more



Hey ! Rap-Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra





Hello Mr. Murphy – God Bless your Heart and Soul

I came to F*ck your Daughter, but I couldn’t find her Hole


King Kong went to Hong Kong

To Play a Game of Ping Pong

The Ping Pong Knocked his Ding Dong

And that was the end of King Kong


There was this Girl from Kent

To a Football match she went

She went to the Goal

And Opened her Hole

And In the football went


There once was a woman named Jill

Who swallowed an exploding pill

They found her vagina

In North Carolina

And tits in a tree in Brazil


There once was a man Robin Hood

Who lived in a Knottingham wood

He learned how to f*ck

from old Friar Tuck

And f*cked Marion whenever he could


There was a man from Madrass

Whose balls were made out of brass

On a Stormy Weather

They Banged together

And sparks flew out of his a$$


There once was a man from Havana

Who screwed a girl on a piano

At the height of their fever

Her a$$ hit the lever

And now he has no banana...


There was a young maiden named Molly

Who had a Daughter Named Polly

The Guy was Sing Chum

And too soon he did cum

And all he could say was "I'm solly!"


There was a man from Kent

Who had a penis so long it bent

It was so much trouble

That he kept it double

And instead of coming he went


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