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Monday, December 18, 2017

Lady Pilots Gone Wrong !!

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If girls were pilots 😂

Girl.. "Hello control tower, this is flight  365.. We have a problem." 😲
Control tower.. "What is the problem?" 😵
Girl.. "Nothing.".😕
Control tower.. " Please tell us the problem! "
Girl.. "Naah leave it."😕
Control tower.. " Tell us please! "
Girl... "Nothing, i'm fine.. You cannot understand."😕😏
Control tower.. "For God's sake pilot please tell
 us the problem!" 😵

Girl.. "Just leave me alone." 😢

Control tower.. "Ohh you maniac mad girl, there are 200 passengers aboard in plane."  😡😡
Girl.. Yeahh, nobody cares for me 😢 You also only care for those 200 passengers.. I don't wanna talk to you.. Nooo 😏😂

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