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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Funny !

Preparing your Thanksgiving day dinner? Here is how you prepare your Turkey !

Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 10 Songs in the Arab World !

OK - another Arab Funny.. I am going to get bombed one of these days by Achmeth !

The top 10 songs played on 95.8 Kabul FM on Sunday....

1. Losing my religion - REM (Raving Edict Mullah mix)

2. Unchained Mullahdy - The Self Righteous Brothers

3. Aid Drops Keep Falling on my Head - Johnny Farnham

4. Living on a Prayer mat - TaliBon Jovi

5. Tented love - Soft (Terrorist) Cell

6. Do you really want to shoot me? - Boy George Bush & Capture Club

7. Rockin Allah-ver the World - Status Quaeda

8. I'm too extremist for my turban - Right Said Mullah Omar

9. The Ayatollah Skank - Fatwa Boy Slim

10. (Come up and find me) Mecca me smile -Grand Wizard of KKK

And the 5 Most popular among Oldies was

The Grateful Dead - Yesarafat
What a Bomba-ful World - Loose Armstoned
Oops Bombed - SNAP
I get droned about you - Damn Hartman
Hey Mr. Taliban - US Army !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Handling Introverts !!!

Who are introverts? How do we treat them and how do we need to treat them?

Are Cowardly Ass Holes that Hide Behind Bushes and Kill innocent animals Introverts? Not in my opinion... They truly are Ass Holes !

They who are the??

Are they the ones who see no wrong in what they do but fail to see the rational behind the misdeed done? Not again !

This is what an Introvert is !!

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