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Monday, March 7, 2011

Elton John & David Furnish's Baby !!

What really happened when Elton John and David Furnish decided to have a baby????

They had their sperm mixed together and had a surrogate mother artificially inseminated with it.

When the baby was born Elton and David were waiting at the hospital.

They were ushered into a ward where a dozen babies were lying in their cots, eleven of whom were crying and screaming. Over in the corner, one baby was smiling serenely.

A nurse came over to both of them and indicated that the happy child was theirs.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Elton said to David. "All these unhappy babies ..... and yet our baby is so happy. This just proves the superiority of gay love!"

The nurse said, "Oh sure, he's happy now, but just watch what happens when I pull the thermometer out of his rectum!"


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