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Friday, August 3, 2012

Funny Alcoholics or Drunkeds

Seriously, Guys on too much Alcohol seem to be having a better life. See, all their troubles including the wife disappear in no time without bothering them

But, sad that the lesser alcohol content is considered classy.

But, wine does come with advantages...

Even the good old Frank Sinatra thinks you should love the Alcohol

And, talking of the Bible, The Jehovah's witness seems to be getting on the nerves of most neighborhoods world wide. Duh, some prefer Alligators knocking on door instead of the JW's...

Alcohol, also makes grandma's look Funky and do funny stuff...

Also Young girls and recently, batman was found highly intoxicated and ploughing a paddy field in India after having a few coconut toddy shots.

And Last but not least... A test to you... If you find the below girls pretty and sexy, YOU ARE DRUNK !

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