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Monday, October 10, 2011

To Marry or Not ?

An Absolutely brilliant calculation done by an Indian Mathematician !!!

It's true to all marriages around the world


Considering Average 30 yrs of Marriage = INR 20,000,000.00

Marriage expenses

INR 30,000 Monthly expenditure.

INR 3,000 Wife's monthly maintenance.


(In terms of SEX - afterall, we think it comes free all the time)

First 5 years Weekly 3 Times.

Next 5 years Weekly 1 Time.

Next 10 years Once in 15 days.

Next 10 years Once in a month.


1400 times sex in 30 years for an estimated expenditure of a whooping : INR 1,78,40,000.

+ (PLUS)

Opportunity cost on INR 20,00,000 spent on wedding at 7% for 40 years as per current Post-tax Fixed Deposit Interest rate  is INR 2,98,48,915.68

TOTAL COST = 4,77,88,915.68 INR

Kindly Note:

A Man spends INR 34,135 for each time he has Sex with his Wife....!!!

CONCLUSION : Outsourcing is cheaper.
A whore of your choice costs MUCH Less 

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