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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Best of husband and wife Jokes !

01.Husband: I divorced my wife on the first night.

Friend: Why?

Husband: I saw the label on her panty, "Tested OK by Calvin Klien."

02. Husband: Ya, my wife is very scared of water!

Friend: How did you know?

Husband: When I got home twice, I saw her having a bath with the security guard.

03.The nurse was taking a blood sample from the Husband. She held his finger and squeezed it for blood. So Husband laughed and Wife was all upset.

Nurse: Why did you laugh?

Husband: Because it's the urine test next!

04. Husband & wife were having dinner together.

Wife: Darling, tell me something that would make me both happy & sad.

Husband: Your nipples R better than your sister's!

05. On the first night of the marriage the husband gives the wife Rs.5000/= and says

"I have never done this for free". The

wife returns Rs.2000/= and says

"I have not charged more than this before!".

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