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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to do when an Ant Bites

We tend to get pretty cheesed off when an ant bites our legs or any part of the body for that matter. Our usual instinct is to kill the fellow instantly by stamping on it, isn’t it?

Well, there is another method of taking some good revenge from these tiny bastards that bite us often.

Here we go – this is what you need to do.

Let the fellow bite as much as he wants to and let the fellow finish – you only need to bare the pain for a moment.

Well, the fellow obviously can’t go on forever. So, to distract, you need to keep a huge peace of Chocolate or any other item the Ants love to eat near your foot. But, the catch is that the food item should weight more than what a single ant could carry.

We all know that Ants are a united bunch of insects – What this bastard will do now is run to tell the other ants about this new found food item and boast about his new finding that’s so tasty. Within a few seconds you will see many ants approaching the chocolate in a long line. The one who would be leading the pack is the bastard who bit your leg as he knows where the food source is. The fellow will keep turning around occasionally too. Though you might not hear, this is again boasting about his find to the rest of the ants. 

Now is the catch. You wait for the set of Ants to come further towards the food item, pick it up and take it away to a place the ants cannot reach. Though the Ants would come full of hopes, they would find nothing. 

You know what would happen ?? After traveling all this distance to get the Chocolate, the other Ants will realize that there is no food as the ant that bit your leg mentioned. They will bug this ant for the rest of its life about the false alarm and not trust the fellow again. This fellow will never bite another person’s leg again. You will finally have your revenge…. 


  1. Noooooooo thats so harsh.. You know that ants hate lie and it can turn bad.. I have read about an experiment made by a scientist, he put some food to attract the ant and took it away just about when the rest of ants approached, and when they all left the first ant kept searching for food in amazement and rushed to the others to convince them then the scientist returned the food to attract her again and it returned, and this time it made sure that the food is real ha ha ha. But when everyone came back AGAIN he hid the food AGAIN. you know what happened. they killed the poor ant right at the spot :( SAD

  2. LOL - cool... Thanks for the comment !

  3. A delightful reading for anyone who loves reading blogs.


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