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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama plans of getting Back men to work !

Talking of car's - here is the newest design meant for Arabian women drivers - specially meant for Saudi Arabia !


Pres. Obama called five time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and said, "Jeff, old friend, I need your help. One of my new initiatives is to get more black men working. Now having said that, we found a crew in Harlem that can change all four tires, gas the car, in nine seconds using nothing but the old fashioned hand tools."

This was much faster than the present crews, so Jeff happily gave them a try-out. Not only did they change all four tires and gas up the car in nine seconds, but they changed the VIN number, put on a new paint scheme, and sold the car to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for two cases of Budweiser, a bag of weed, and some pictures of his girlfriend in the shower.

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