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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Funny Shop Prank Call

True Story - Few names changed - Quite funny considering that it actually happened - U will know towards the end..
So I call Colombia Picture Palace since they are listed as a company who handle picture framing and the conversation goes something like this:

Colombia Picture Palace (CPP): Hallooo?

Me: Hi, I would like to inquire how much it would cost to mount an A1 sized poster on black box board frame?

CPP: Aaah???

Me: Picture framing, picture framing... you do picture framing?

CPP: Eeeeeerrrrr, ya-ya-ya... wait a minute I'll put!

Me: *listening to "There's No Place Like Home" tin can hold music for 6 minutes* 
CPP: Hallooo?

Me: Yeah, I'm calling about picture framing?

CPP: What framing?

Me: Picture framing!

CPP: We only do glass...

Me: I'm sorry, what?

CPP: Glass, Glass! Only glass doing!

Me: Um, okay... so if I give you a picture, you can't frame it, you'll only put the glass (you can see at this point that Im starting to take the piss out of this guy).

CPP: No not just glass, can give industrial glass. Like building glass, building glass?

Me: Um, okay. Why do I want 'building' glass for my posters?

CPP: No for poster! You put to your building. Like your house? you put to your house.

Me: I dont need glass for my house!

CPP: Then why you calling?

Me: Because your website says you do picture framing!

CPP: I don't know we have website... if its telling there must be boss's work. He also doing one one things.

Me: Can I ask you one thing?

CPP: Tell-tell, anything tell!

Me: Why are you called Colombia Picture Palace?

CPP: That of course I don't know, you have to ask boss.

Me: Where is boss?

CPP: I can't tell. Boss don't like if I tell.

Me: Ah okay. Anyone else is there.

CPP: Boss's wife is there but she wont talk to customers

Me: Okay. So no pictures in Picture Palace?

CPP: Have only one picture sir, that of course cant give!

Me: Okay, I never asked for your picture, but anyway, why can't you give?

CPP: Ah! That is picture of Boss's father. He died. Why you asking for that picture? Who are you? If I tell Boss you are taking that picture he will find you!
Me: (OMG! This guy is freaking out!) I wont take Boss's picture, don't worry!

CPP: Then you are telling like that?

Me: No, no. you didn't understand what I was telling. Anyway, what do you do there?

CPP: I am General Manager!

Me: Ah, good good. Anyway. I'm gonna hang up. Bye. (I don't really hang up but listen to see if he would say anything else)

CPP: Ah okay, okay. Bye!

(A short pause follows and I can here him speaking to someone else, "Are we doing picture framing also?" to which I hear the reply, "Otherwise?"

Me: (Yelling into the mouthpiece) Hello, HELLO!!!


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