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Monday, November 18, 2013

Top 10 Songs in the Arab World !

OK - another Arab Funny.. I am going to get bombed one of these days by Achmeth !

The top 10 songs played on 95.8 Kabul FM on Sunday....

1. Losing my religion - REM (Raving Edict Mullah mix)

2. Unchained Mullahdy - The Self Righteous Brothers

3. Aid Drops Keep Falling on my Head - Johnny Farnham

4. Living on a Prayer mat - TaliBon Jovi

5. Tented love - Soft (Terrorist) Cell

6. Do you really want to shoot me? - Boy George Bush & Capture Club

7. Rockin Allah-ver the World - Status Quaeda

8. I'm too extremist for my turban - Right Said Mullah Omar

9. The Ayatollah Skank - Fatwa Boy Slim

10. (Come up and find me) Mecca me smile -Grand Wizard of KKK

And the 5 Most popular among Oldies was

The Grateful Dead - Yesarafat
What a Bomba-ful World - Loose Armstoned
Oops Bombed - SNAP
I get droned about you - Damn Hartman
Hey Mr. Taliban - US Army !

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