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Friday, July 15, 2016

Military Coup in Turkey or what ?

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(I answer the phone in a Turkish Store. While working the register during holiday rush.)

Customer: “Hey, I made a several hundred dollar purchase a few days ago during the big sale. And I got a 20% off everything coupon today. Can I bring the coupon in and get 20% off my original purchase?”
(Is this a test? A recorded call from one of my superiors, because this cannot be serious.)
Me: “I’m sorry. That coupon is intended for your next purchase, not one that was already completed!”
Customer: “But I spent so much money! Can’t I just return everything and then re-buy everything with the coupon?”
Me: “I’m sorry. That is incredibly unlikely and will not work. That coupon is intended for the next purchase.”
Customer: “But I spent so much money… You sure?”
Me: “I’m pretty gosh darn positive. Have a nice day, though!”

(The lines were already backed up and I could not imagine if she honestly tried to bring everything back in and argued for the coupon discount!

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